Additional Services

Cell line banking & storage We have two in-house “working” liquid nitrogen dewers and access to a 24 Hour monitored, automatically filled, vapour phase nitrogen facility
When producing a standard unit 1 litre culture volume, we recommend production of a Working Cell Bank (WCB) of 5 ampoules. We can also produce Master Cell Banks (MCBs) of 50-200 ampoules for your high value cell lines.
Additional post-purification processing & modifications Endotoxin removal
Labelling with biotin, enzymes & fluorescent dyes
Modification of antibodies including Fab and (Fab’) 2 fragmentation using enzymes papin and pepsin respectively
Protein Analytics Quantification at OD280nm
SDS-PAGE analysis
Verification of antibody performance via ELISA and WB
Purification analysis using SEC
Specific isotyping using commercial dip sticks

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