Antibody Bulk Production

Antibody Bulk Production

Using roller bottle technology we provide bulk production of your cell lines quickly and efficiently

Ongoing liaison between client and BioServUK during hybridoma development process

Antibody Application note

Application note

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I : Receipt of client cell line We will receive your cell line as a frozen ampoule of growing culture

Initial growth in serum supplemented medium followed by mycoplasma analysis using PCR

II : Pilot 1 L production Adaptation of cell line onto protein-free medium

Scale-up in roller bottle culture, typical yield of 20-40mg of purified antibody

III : Downstream processing Harvesting of cell culture supernatant

Concentration by tangential cross flow filtration

Protein A/G purification

Final buffer formulation

IV : QC assessment of antibody purity Analysis of purity by SDS-PAGE, WB, ELISA and aggregation assessment by SEC
V : Antibody scale-up Milligramme to Gramme quantities

Scale up performed using bioreactor system

Purification using Protein A/G affinity chromatography

Final Deliverables

  • Purified monoclonal antibody, protein, or concentrated supernatant to requested scale (up to 250L)
  • Working Cell Bank for Scale-up cell line
  • Project report with ELISA, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, and SEC performance data

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