Cell proliferation kits for flow cytometry

Edu Cell Proliferation

How it works?

  1. EdU is fed to the cells
  2. EdU is incorporated into the cells during active DNA synthesis
  3. New DNA is detected by applying the so-called click cocktail including an enhancer system(E).

It is a superior direct cell proliferation because:

  • Cell division analyses are easier, faster, more efficient than BrdU technology.
  • Uses 10 times less copper than standard EdU kits.
  • Efficient and robust cell proliferation using different readout formats (microscopy, FACS, HTS)
  • Uses 4 different fluorescent channels.

It is advantageous over other technologies because:

  • Fewer cells then ever can be detected allowing for higher sensitivity
  • Direct cell division detection method
  • Enhanced sensitivity and reliability
  • Multiplexing
  • Different analytical methods

Edu in vivo Cell Proliferation

How it works?

  1. Pre-treated biological sample (organism, tissue, cells)
  2. Injection or feeding with Edu in vivo
  3. Click cocktail in vivo or ex vivo
  4. Tissue/cell dissection or work-up
  5. The in vivo kits are designed to combine one of our three baseclick EdU cell proliferation Kits with extra EdU (microscopy, FACS, HTS)

Edu in vivo Cell Proliferation

It is an enhanced Edu cell proliferation detection due to higher sensitivity. It can be applied to:

  • Key readout in cytotoxic and apoptosis applications
  • Monitoring of cell viability
  • Determination of genotoxicity
  • Evaluation of anti-cancer drugs
  • Cell Cycle analysis
  • REACH evaluation of chemicals