BioServUK and our sister company Protein Ark offer a full range of chromatography resins and columns to support your chromatography needs. All our loose resins are also available pre-packed in our 1 ml and 5 ml chromatography columns. We offer a comprehensive, large scale custom column packing service to accommodate all chromatography needs.


  • High selective binding capacity
  • Ideal for fast purification of target proteins
  • Virus Purification Resins and Hydrophobic Interaction Resins available as cGMP-grade.

Pre-packed Columns

Protein Ark offers a range of chromatography columns suitable for protein purification; empty FliQ FPLC columns (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), pre-packed HiFliQ FPLC columns (1 ml & 5 ml) and ProteoSEC Dynamic Size Exclusion Columns (SEC).

Custom Column Packing Service

Comprehensive Large Scale Custom Column Packing Service (cGMP/non-cGMP grade) – BioServUK supplies a comprehensive resin packing service for disposable and scalable chromatography columns.