Cell Culture Research Tools

Maintaining an uninterrupted supply of cell culture basics including antibiotics, growth media and additives, fetal bovine serum (FBS) and buffers is key to keep your research progressing. We have stock of all your essential needs which can be ordered with and delivered along side your Coronavirus specialised supplies.

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Product CodeNamePack SizeMoQPriceBuy
RGP-001-10GG418 Disulfate (10 g)10 g1£234.00

RGL-001-100MLL-Glutamine Solution. 100X L-glutamine (29.2 mg/ml, 200mM) in 0.85% sodium chloride solution. Steril...100 ml2£10.00

S-FBS-SA-015Foetal Bovine Serum - Triple 0.1 µm Sterile Filtered, South American Origin.500 ml5£185.00

RTL-007-100MLAccutase Cell Detachment Solution, Sterile Filtered.100 ml2£61.00

RTL-001-100MLTrypsin-EDTA Solution (1X). Contains 0.25% trypsin (from Porcine pancreas) in DPBS (1x). Sterile Fil...100 ml5£15.00

MCL-052-500MLMEM, With Earle’s Salts and L-Glutamine.500 ml10£8.00

MCL-037-500MLRPMI 1640, With L-Glutamine.500 ml10£10.00

MCL-029-500MLHam's F-12, With L-Glutamine500 ml10£13.00

MCL-002-500MLDMEM, With High Glucose, L-Glutamine, and Sodium Pyruvate.500 ml10£10.00

BWL-001-500MLPurified water. 18 mega-ohm, purified water. Cell culture tested. Sterile Filtered.500 ml10£8.00

BHL-003-500MLHank's Balanced Salts, With calcium and magnesium. Without phenol red. Sterile Filtered.500 ml10£10.00

BDL-001-5LDulbecco's PBS, Without calcium and magnesium. Sterile Filtered.5 L2£34.00

BDL-001-500MLDulbecco's PBS, Without calcium and magnesium. Sterile Filtered.500 ml10£8.00

RAL-003-100MLGentamicin Solution (10mg/ml)100 ml2£58.00

RAL-002-100MLPenicillin-Streptomycin Solution 100X. This sterile-filtered solution contains 10,000 units/ml of pe...100 ml2£10.00

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