Cell Line Solutions

Poor growth

Although where ever possible we adhere to standard production SOPs, when we encounter difficult cell lines we do have several proprietary methods for improving cell viability, developed over many years whilst working with a broad cross section of cell types.

Clonal instability

Despite our recommendation of exhaustive limiting dilution cloning in order to ensure clonality prior to any cell line scale up, it is inevitable that in some instances cell lines may exhibit some degree of clonal instability which will manifest itself initially as a reduction in expression levels and eventually a total loss of secretion. Providing we have access to the antigen for use as an ELISA plate coat, we can re-clone hybridoma lines showing degraded performance and assay accordingly. If clonality is retrievable we will then re-bank as advised by the client.

We can also monitor consistent productivity levels using our ‘in-house’ range of quantitative assays. We have developed specific quantitative assays for murine IgG and IgM. These assays are applicable to both cell culture supernatants and purified antibodies.

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