Custom Cloning Services

BioServUK’s dedicated molecular biology team provides a broad range of cloning services and proprietary vectors for successful recombinant protein expression. We will design, amplify and clone into your desired vector of choice from cDNA library, image clone or synthetic DNA (all constructs are fully verified by DNA sequencing).

Cloning serviceLicence free proprietary vectors
Codon optimisation and design serviceBased upon same core plasmid backbone
Gene synthesisAvailable for bacterial, mammalian and insect expression
Standard and non-standard restriction enzyme cleavageStandard or custom designed
Clone into any vector of your choice: including all standard of licence free vectorsDual expression versions
Tags: polyHis, SUMO, GST, FLAG, V5, Myc, MBP, NusA, Strep-tagModular design
Time scale: 2-3 weeksChoice of 156 individual components including: promoters, reporters, antibiotic resistance, origins, tags, signal peptides and more
Quality assured and sequence verified
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