Contract Services

Custom HiFliQ Column Packing

  • For purification of recombinant and native proteins
  • Highly scalable and custom service
  • We support any third party resin

Application Development

  • Consultation on application optimisation
  • Thorough testing and reproducibility checks
  • Full data report including publishable tech note

PCR Genotyping

  • Determination of genotype by PCR
  • Robust methodology
  • Industry-leading turn-around without compromising results

AKTATM HiFliQ Lab Column Packing Service

BioServUK/Protein Ark offers a comprehensive fast and reliable HiFlIQ lab column packing services at super competitive prices and with high degrees of flexibility. Our column packing service is designed for any third-party resins.

Can we help you create an application note?

BioServUK offers Contract Services to support your applications. We will test your applications, optimise them and write up a tech note to note only back validation, but to also support your sales and marketing efforts. All work performed at BioServUK Ltd is within the ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

PCR Genotyping

In just three steps, we will be able to determine genetic variations in your samples. We offer an industry-leading turnaround, along with a robust methodology, yielding results within 5 working days.