Catalogue No. Description IVD or RUO CE Marked Size
BSV-qPCR-06 COVID-19 RT-qPCR Rapid Detection Kit (100 reactions RUO No 100 reactions

– Highly specific for the ORF1ab and N target markers recommended by WHO and US CDC
– Ready-to-use reaction kit that includes MasterMix, Primers/Probes, and Internal Positive Control
– Can be used with samples collected from sputum and naso/oropharyngeal swabs
– Results ready in less than 2 hours
– Compatible with standard RT-qPCR machines (ABI 7500, Bio-Rad CFX96, etc.)

Product information

Product name: COVID-19 RT-qPCR Rapid Detection Kit (100 reactions)
Intended use: Detection of COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2 by RT-qPCR method.
Specimen types:
– Sputum
– Naso/Oropharyngeal swabs
Materials supplied:
1. Mastermix
2. Primers/Probes
3. Positive Control

For research use only

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