Comprehensive Large Scale Custom Column Packing Service (cGMP/non-cGMP grade)

BioServUK supplies a comprehensive resin packing service for disposable and scalable chromatography columns.

-Fast turn-around times
Non-GMP (1-2 weeks), GMP (4-6 weeks)
-Compatible with all preparative resins above 20 µm bead size
-IEX, HIC, Protein A, Heparin & more
-Up to 5 bar pressure rating
-Shipping tests available

-Use proprietary lab and bioprocess columns
-Significantly reduced validation cost
-1 ml & 5 ml HiFliQ columns
-USP Class VI Grade plastic (cGMP)
& FDA CFR 177 grade plastic (cGMP)
-Extensive analytics eg Bioburden, Endotoxin
-Low cost disposable plastic columns

Example: agarose, glass, ceramic etc.
Note: 1 ml and 5 ml HiFliQ columns are packed in packs of 5.
Note: cGMP production is only available for columns with an internal diameter of 26 mm and above.
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