Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification

Platform: bacterial mammalian or insect cell lines

Project segmentation to evaluate each milestone reached

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Our Standard Protein Expression & Purification Stages:


Time Scale


I: Gene synthesis & preparation of target vector 3 Weeks
  • Synthesis of protein of interest and cloning into appropriate vector
  • Choice of purification tag (His-tag/GST-tag) and cleavage site (SUMO,TEV/3C etc.)
  • Transformation of vector into appropriate host cell type
IIa: Small scale expression 2-3 Weeks
  • Small scale (50ml) expression
  • Optimisation of growth/expression parameters followed by analysis of protein expression by SDS-PAGE, WB etc.
IIb: Medium scale expression 2-3 Weeks
  • 1 step affinity purification (His-tag/GST-tag) and tag removal (if required)
  • Analysis of protein purity by SDS-PAGE and WB
III: Large scale expression 3-6 Weeks
  • 1L scale expression and purification
  • Typical yield of 1-5mg of purified protein
  • Further scale will be required to meet your demand

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Phase I

Standard vector: pET
Standard host cell: BL21 DE3

Phase IIa

  • 50ml screens
  • Optimal growth and expression parameters are achieved through the application of a range of different temperature, media & bacterial strains


Phase I

Standard vector: pcDNA3.1
Standard host cell: HEK 293

Phase IIa

  • Transient expression tests
  • Protein can be expressed intracellularly or secreted into media, depending on protein


Phase I

Standard vector: pOET1
Standard host cell: Baculovirus

Phase IIa

  • Amplification of virus stock (100-200ml)
  • Test expression in Sf9 and Tni cells by Western Blot analysis

Phase III

  • Amplification & QPCR titration of virus
  • Purification using His tag

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