Hybridoma Sequencing

Advantages of sequencing your hybridoma:

Security – Recombinant production of your antibody, even if hybridoma is lost

Humanisation of the antibody for potential therapeutic projects

Flexibility – Conversion to any species, isotype, or format

IP – Filing a patent for your unique sequences



Phase I mRNA extraction from hybridoma
Fragments of cDNA library generated
Phase II Fragments undergo pair-end sequencing
Sequences are assembled and identified based on homology
Phase III Project report including:
1. Sequences
2. Heterogenicity or other antibody isotopes present
We also offer a recombinant protein expression service of the variable domains identified. For more information on this service, please visit our recombinant proteins page Expression & Purification.

To request a quote for hybridoma sequencing of your antibody, get in touch at info@bioservuk.com.

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