Anti-Growth Differentiation Factor 9 Clone 53/1

GDF9 is plays a vital role in ovarian folliculogenesis, follicle development and fertility. Clone 53/1 can be used in assays to detect oocyte expression and has been shown to neutralize GDF9 biological activity. (Gilchrist, R.B. et al.)

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
53/1-100UG GDF9 Endocrinology
0.1mg 347.00

Clone 53/1 used to detect GDF9 expression in oocyte-medium via western blot

Image caption: GDF9 immunoblot analysis. A) Antibody specificity for GDF9 and (B) detection of oocyte-secreted GDF9. The recombinant proteins indicated (mGDF9 = mouse GDF9, oBMP15 = ovine BMP15) and oocyte extract or oocyte-conditioned medium were subjected to SDS-PAGE immunoblotting with the anti-GDF9 monoclonal antibody and detected using either ECL (A; recombinant proteins) or ECL Advance (B; oocyte products). The 57-kDa band is the GDF9 proprotein while the 17.5-kDa band represents the mature GDF9 monomer. 293H = control; conditioned medium from the untransfected human embryonic kidney 293H parent cell line (Gilchrist, R.B. et al.)

Biological neutralizing capacity of 53/1 by ELISA

Image caption: Biological neutralizing specificity of anti-GDF9-53 with some members of the TGFβ superfamily. Mouse MGC were cultured with human TGFβ1 (0.5 ng/ml), human activin A (50 ng/ml), or mouse GDF9 (40 ng/ml), either in the absence or presence of a high neutralizing dose of 40 μg/ml of mAb-GDF9-53 or 40 μg/ml human IgG. (Gilchrist, R.B. et al.)

Clone 53/1 used to detect GDF9 expression by ELISA

Image caption: GDF9 ELISA. A GDF9 ELISA was developed to measure the amount of GDF9 in HEK-293T conditioned medium. Recombinant mouse GDF9 (●) was used as a standard, and the specificity of the assay was assessed using a range of TGF-β family members; wild-type human GDF9 (♦), human GDF9 L40V (◊), human BMP15 (□), human activin A (○), and human TGF-β3 (▾). Dilutions of concentrated media from cells transfected with empty vector, pcDNA3.1 (r), were included as controls. The ELISA has a specificity of less than 0.1%, with a sensitivity of 0.2 ng/mL. Values represent mean ± SEM in duplicate, from a representative experiment. (Simpson, C et al.)

Clone 53/1 used to detect GDF9 expression in oocyte-medium by western blot

Image caption: … Samples were detected under reducing conditions using GDF9 mAb53 specific for the mature domain. The 60-kDa GDF9 precursor and 20-kDa mature monomer are shown… (Simpson, C et al.)
Dilution used: 1:5000