Anti-Inhibin α Clone PO23/32

Higher levels of inhibin α have been associated with a higher risk of cancer progression and recurrence. Clone PO 23/32 is useful in detecting inhibin α levels in cancer cells.

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
PO23/32-100UG Inhibin α Endocrinology
Cell biology
ELISA 0.1mg 347.00

Clone PO 23/32 binding region on αC region of the α subunit

(Robertson D.M. et al. 2002)

Clone PO 23/32 used to detect binding to inhibin α by ELISA

Molecular weight profiles of Pro-αC and inhibin A in IVF serum as determined by various assays. Samples were fractionated through an immunoaffinity/preparative PAGE/electroelution procedure prior to assay. Horizontal dashed line in the αC IFMA profile refers to the sensitivity of the assay. (Robertson D.M. et al. 2001)