Anti-Inhibin α Clone PO23/32

Higher levels of inhibin α have been associated with a higher risk of cancer progression and recurrence. Clone PO 23/32 is useful in detecting inhibin α levels in cancer cells.

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
PO23/32-100UG Inhibin α Endocrinology
Cell biology
ELISA 0.1mg 347.00

Form in stock: IgG, purified – 1.0 mg/mL. Also available as unpurified supernatant.
Host: Mouse
Specificity: Synthetic peptide corresponding to epitope region aa109-123 of the αC region of α subunit of inhibin A. (Robertson D.M. et al. 2001)
Human Histology positive control: Testis or ovary
Fusion partner: Spleen cells from immunised Balb/c mice were fused with cells of the mouse SP2/0 myeloma cell line.
Storage: Store at +4°C or -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: 18 months from date of dispatch.
Regulatory/ Restrictions: For research and commercial purposes.

Application Suggested Dilution
ELISA 1-8000 ng/l
  1. D.M. Robertson, T. Stephenson, N. Cahir, A. Tsigos, E. Pruysers, P.G. Stanton, N. Groome, P. Thirunavukarasu, Development of an inhibin α subunit ELISA with broad specificity, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Volume 180, Issues 1–2, 30 July 2001, Pages 79-86, ISSN 0303-7207.
  2. D.M. Robertson, T. Stephenson, E. Pruysers, P. McCloud, A. Tsigos, N. Groome, P. Mamers, H. G. Burger; Characterization of Inhibin Forms and Their Measurement by an Inhibin α-Subunit ELISA in Serum from Postmenopausal Women with Ovarian Cancer. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2002; 87 (2): 816-824.

Clone PO 23/32 binding region on αC region of the α subunit

(Robertson D.M. et al. 2002)

Clone PO 23/32 used to detect binding to inhibin α by ELISA

Molecular weight profiles of Pro-αC and inhibin A in IVF serum as determined by various assays. Samples were fractionated through an immunoaffinity/preparative PAGE/electroelution procedure prior to assay. Horizontal dashed line in the αC IFMA profile refers to the sensitivity of the assay. (Robertson D.M. et al. 2001)