Anti-Myelin Basic Protein Clone MBP14

Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) is involved in the process of myelination of nerves in the nervous system. MBP Clone 14 recognizes an epitope in the 36-50 region of MBP, useful in clinical diagnosis to detect MBP levels or myelination in human MBP.

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
MBP14-100UG Myelin Basic Protein
(region 36-50)
0.1mg 347.00

Form in stock: IgG, purified – 1.0 mg/mL. Also available as unpurified supernatant.
Host: Rat
Specificity: Reacts with human MBP, recognizing epitopes in the 36-50 amino acid region (GILDSIGRFFGGDRG).
Fusion partner: Spleen cells from immunised outbred rats were fused with cells of the mouse NS0 myeloma cell line.
Storage: Store at +4°C or -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: 18 months from date of dispatch.
Regulatory/ Restrictions: For research and commercial purposes.

Application Suggested Dilution
ELISA 1:20004
WB 1:5005
IHC 1:1000001
IF 1:505
ICC 1:505
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Western Blot of MBP Clone 14 used in a comparative study between anti-MBP clones and anti-EP

Figure 2. The specificity of EP antiserum examined by Western blot(A) and immunoabsorption tests(B to1).A: Lane a, anti-whole hMBP antibody; lane b, clone 14, lane c, clone 2; lane d, EP antiserum. All antibodies detected a major 18.5-kd band and a weaker 17.2-kd band in extracts of normal human brain homogenates. (Matsuo, A et al.)

Clone MBP 14 used to detect myelinated structures in MS plaques by IHC-P

C: Clone 14 recognized all myelinated structures… (Matsuo, A et al.)
Dilution used: 1:100,000

Clone MBP 14 used to detect myelinated structures in MS plaques by IHC-P

Figure 5. Serial sections of paraffin-embedded MS tissue immunostained with anti-EP(A), clone26(B), clone2(C), clone14(D), clone12(E), or clone22(F) .Notice that only abnormal myelin tissues strongly stained by anti-EP, whereas all other antibodies strongly stain the normal myelin surrounding the plaque area. See Materials and Methods for details. (Matsuo, A et al.)
Dilution used: 1:100,000