Anti-Myelin Basic Protein Clone MBP2

Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) is involved in the process of myelination of nerves in the nervous system. MBP Clone 2 recognizes an epitope in the 119-131 region of MBP, useful in clinical diagnosis to detect MBP levels in human, rat and cow MBP.

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
MBP2-100UG Myelin Basic Protein
(region 119-131)
Infectious diseases
0.1mg 347.00

Form in stock: IgG, purified – 1.0 mg/mL. Also available as unpurified supernatant.
Host: Mouse
Specificity: Recognises bovine BMP, in the region of residues 119-131 (GAEGQRPGFGYGG).
Fusion partner: Spleen cells from immunised NIH/OIa mice were fused with cells of the NS0 mouse myeloma cell line.
Storage: Store at +4°C or -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: 18 months from date of dispatch.
Regulatory/ Restrictions: For research and commercial purposes.

Application Suggested Dilution
ELISA 1:10003
WB 1:10-1:200
IHC 1:75-1:5002,7,8,9,10,11
IF 1:10-1:200
IHC 10-20μl or 100-500 μg
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Western Blot of MBP Clone 2 used to detect MBP in a neurochemical profile study of dementia patients

Western blots from white matter homogenates of myelin-associated proteins. The mean myelin basic protein (MBP) (A) levels were discretely elevated in the dementia pugilistica (DP) cases when compared with the non-demented controls (NDC). (Kokjohn, TA et al.)

Western Blot of MBP Clone 2 used in a comparative study between anti-MBP clones and anti-EP

The specificity of EP antiserum examined by Western blot(A) and immunoabsorption tests(B to1).A: Lane a, anti-whole hMBP antibody; lane b, clone 14, lane c, clone 2; lane d, EP antiserum. All antibodies detected a major 18.5-kd band and a weaker 17.2-kd band in extracts of normal human brain homogenates. (Matuso, A et al.)

Clone MBP 2 used to detect myelinated structures in MS plaques by IHC-F

Image caption: …D: Clone2 also recognized all myelinated structures…(Matuso, A et al.)
Dilution used: 1:250

Clone MBP 2 used to detect myelinated structures in MS plaques by IHC-P

Serial sections of paraffin-embedded MS tissue immunostained with anti-EP(A), clone26(B), clone2(C), clone14(D), clone12(E), or clone22(F) .Notice that only abnormal myelin tissues strongly stained by anti-EP, whereas all other antibodies strongly stain the normal myelin surrounding the plaque area. See Materials and Methods for details. (Matuso, A et al.)
Dilution used: 1:250