Anti-Myostatin Clone Myo2/1A

Myostatin is a well-characterized negative regulator of skeletal muscle and can inhibit myogenesis and stimulate adipogenesis. Clone Myo 2/1A has been shown to have the reverse effect, up-regulate myogenesis and down-regulate adipogenesis. (Artaza, N et al.)

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
Myo2/1A-100UG Myostatin Endocrinology WB
0.1mg 347.00

Form in stock: IgG, purified – 1.0 mg/mL. Also available as unpurified supernatant.
Host: Mouse
Specificity: Recognizes the 113 amino acid carboxy-terminal fragment of Myostatin protein.
Human Histology positive control: Muscle fibre
Fusion partner: Spleen cells from immunised Balb/c mice were fused with cells of the SP2/0 myeloma cell line.
Storage: Store at +4°C or -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: 18 months from date of dispatch.
Regulatory/ Restrictions: For research and commercial purposes.

Application Suggested Dilution
Western Blot 1:5001
Immunohistochemistry 100 μg/ml1
Immunocytochemistry 100 μg/ml1
  1. Jorge N. Artaza, Shalender Bhasin, Thomas R. Magee, Suzanne Reisz-Porszasz, Ruoquin Shen, Nigel P. Groome, Meerasaluh M. Fareez, Nestor F. Gonzalez-Cadavid; Myostatin Inhibits Myogenesis and Promotes Adipogenesis in C3H 10T(1/2) Mesenchymal Multipotent Cells. Endocrinology 2005; 146 (8): 3547-3557.

Clone Myo 2/1A used to detect Myostatin expression by ICC

Effect of recombinant Mst-113 protein and anti-Mst antibody on myogenesis in differentiating C3H 10T(1/2), assessed by using myogenin immunocytochemical staining. Cells were incubated with medium alone (C, control), graded concentrations of recombinant Mst-113 or anti-Mst antibody (Mst Ab) for 1 wk. A, Immunocytochemical staining using an antibody against myogenin; quantitative image analysis of stained cells is shown in B. Asterisks denote the P values for the statistical comparison of treatment group against medium control. No 1st Ab, Cells not treated with first antibody. Magnification, ×400 (Artaza, N et al.)
Dilution used: 100 μg/mL

Clone Myo 2/1A used to detect Myostatin expression by Western Blot with detection at 52 kDa

A: Luminol detection of Western blots with monoclonal antibody against Mst at 3 d after transfection (Artaza, N et al.)
Dilution used: 1:500

Clone Myo 2/1A used to detect C/EBP α to assess adipogenic differentiation C3H 10T(1/2) by IHC

Image caption: B, Cells were incubated for 4 d (C/EBPα) and 1 wk (adiponectin) with graded concentrations of recombinant Mst-113 or anti-Mst antibody, and plates were divided for either trypsination and Western blot on the cell extracts (30 μg/lane) with an antibody against C/EBP-α
(Artaza, N et al.)
Dilution used: 100 μg/mL