Anti-Protein Kinase Cα Clone 133

Protein Kinase C alpha (PKCα) is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation during cell cycle progression. Clone 133 recognizes the α isoform of PKCα and binds to a sequence at the C terminus of PKCα to detect its expression in vitro.

Catalogue No. Target Research Areas Applications Size Price (£)
133-100UG Protein Kinase Cα Cancer
Cell biology
0.1mg 347.00

Form in stock: IgG, purified – 1.0 mg/mL. Also available as unpurified supernatant.
Host: Mouse
Specificity: Recognizes sequence PQFVHPILQSAV at the C terminus at PKCα.
Fusion partner: Spleen cells from immunised mice were fused with cells of the mouse SP2/0 myeloma cell line.
Storage: Store at +4°C or -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: 18 months from date of dispatch.
Regulatory/ Restrictions: For research and commercial purposes.

Application Suggested Dilution
WB 1:10-1:500
IHC 1:10
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Clone 133 used to detect Rab1 expression in mouse retina using IHC-P

Immunostains of Rab1 (A–C) and Rab6 (D–F) with PKC in the inner mouse retinas. The transverse sections taken from mouse retinas were double stained with antibodies against Rab1 (A–C) or Rab6 (D–F) with PKC, a rod bipolar cell marker. Rab1 colocalized with PKC, while Rab6 did not. Red, Rab staining; green, PKC staining; yellow, colocalization of Rab with PKC. (Huang, W et al.)
Dilution used: 1:75

Clone 133 used to detect PKCα expression in mouse retina by IHC

Image caption: … C) Normal morphology, dendritic branching, and accumulation of mGluR6 and TRPM1 at the dendritic tips of the ON-BC in DKO retinas. Only bipolar cells and outer plexiform layer are shown… (Cao, Y et al.)