Pre-packed columns

Protein Ark offers a range of chromatography columns suitable for protein purification; empty FliQ FPLC columns (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), pre-packed HiFliQ FPLC columns (1 ml & 5 ml) and ProteoSEC Dynamic Size Exclusion Columns (SEC).

HiFliQ FPLC Columns

1 ml and 5 ml pre-packed and ready to use HiFliQ FPLC Columns pre-charged Heparin, Nickel-NTA, Cobalt-NTA and Glutathione Agarose resin for affinity purification of Heparin-binding protein, poly-histidine and GST-tagged recombinant proteins. We also offer Protein A & G HiFliQ FPLC columns, and Q-type & S-type HiFliQ FPLC columns pre-packed and ready to use for simple, one-step and rapid antibody purification.

ProteoSEC Dynamic Size Exclusion Columns

ProteoSEC Dynamic Size Exclusion Columns (SEC) utilize a high performance rigid resin derived from a co-polymer of Dextran and Agarose. We offer 3 different column sizes: 11/30, 16/60 and 26/60 columns with Superdex™ S75 pg and Superdex™ S200 pg behaviour. For protein separation range within 6kDa to 600 kDa or range within 3kDa to 70kDa. Ideal for high definition preparative protein polishing steps using all aqueous buffers, at RT and in the cold room.

Empty FliQ FPLC Columns

1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml FPLC chromatography columns at an affordable price. Both ends of the FliQ columns have 10-32 UNF threads which fits all common chromatography instruments such as AKTA.

Pack your own resin into these columns. Separate your proteins using an FPLC, HPLC, low pressure pump or a syringe. Use your own resins or use our own high capacity, high flow rate resins eg Protein A Agarose, Protein G Agarose, Super Ni-NTA, Super Co-NTA and Super Glutathione Agarose resins.