HiFliQ FPLC columns

Protein Ark’s HiFliQ 1 ml and 5 ml FPLC columns come pre-packed and ready for use with pre-charged Heparin, Nickel-NTA, Cobalt-NTA and Glutathione Agarose resin for affinity purification of Heparin-binding protein, poly-histidine and GST-tagged recombinant proteins. We also offer Protein A & G HiFliQ FPLC columns, and Q-type & S-type HiFliQ FPLC columns pre-packed and ready to use for simple, one-step and rapid antibody purification.

These columns are compatible with all common chromatography instruments (including ÄKTA™ FPLC’s) and a wide range of reducing agents, detergents and other buffer additives. Our Heparin, Nickel-NTA, Cobalt-NTA and Glutathione Agarose chemistries are coupled to HP resin to ensure high selective binding capacities.