CleanPlex CFTR Panel (96)


96 reactions


The CleanPlex CFTR Panel is a multiplex PCR-based targeted resequencing assay designed to simplify the evaluation of germline variants across the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) gene. The panel targets all exonic regions and flanking intronic sequences of CFTR. Compatible with just 10 ng of DNA, sequencing-ready libraries can be prepared using a streamlined workflow in just 3 hours. The panel is optimized to deliver data with high on-target performance and high coverage uniformity to ensure efficient use of sequencing reads.


  • High Coverage of Target Regions
    Target the entire exon and include 20 bases of padding around all targeted coding exons
  • Sensitive Detection with Low Input
    Detect novel or known mutations using just 10 ng of DNA
  • Fast, Streamlined Workflow
    Generate sequencing-ready libraries in just 3 hours using a rapid, three-step protocol
  • Superb Performance
    Prepare high-quality NGS libraries with excellent on-target and coverage uniformity performance using CleanPlex Technology to enable efficient use of sequencing reads and reduce costs

The CleanPlex CFTR Panel contains CleanPlex Multiplex PCR Primers and CleanPlex Targeted Library Kit. CleanPlex Indexed PCR Primers and CleanMag Magnetic Beads are ordered separately to complete the workflow from input DNA to sequencing-ready NGS libraries.