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EdU Cell Proliferation Kit for Imaging (EdU-Click 594) + EdU (5 mg)


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SKU: BCK-EdU594-1

All EdU based proliferation kits available on the market are patented by BaseClick since 2007. This click assay shows several advantages over other cell viability assays both in vitro and in vivo (BrdU or 3H-thymidine) making it a superior evaluation tool for various functions such as: monitoring genotoxicity, evaluating anticancer drugs, analysing cell cycle, and assessing cell vitality. Our assay is highly reliable and shows no toxic effects in animals by directly measuring cells undergoing active division resulting in cell proliferation. Healthy cells that are not dividing are not detected and can thus give no false positives. This allows the differentiation between cells that are actively dividing and those that are quiescent. The patented technique is based on the incorporation of the thymidine analogue EdU, an alkyne modified nucleoside, in the DNA during active cell synthesis in whole animal. After its incorporation, EdU is detected via click chemistry in different organs. In healthy mice, cell proliferation is nicely detected in lymph nodes, but not in other organs showing the reliability of this Baseclick method.

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