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In vivo Imaging Kit EdU Click 555 + EdU (500 mg)


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Our EdU in vivo cell proliferation kits provide a superior alternative to BrdU and [3H]-thymidine assays for the detection of cell proliferation in whole animal. EdU (5-ethynyl-2’-deoxyuridine), a thymidine analog, is fed to animals so that it is incorporated into the DNA during active DNA synthesis. It shows a clickable functionality because the new cell’s content can be assessed after harvesting the tissue of interest. After being dyed, the cells with EdU can be detected using BaseClick’s three standard fluorescent readouts: microscopic imaging, flow cytometry or HTS. The in vivo kits are thus designed to facilitate the combination of the extra EdU (for the feeding step) with one of the three BaseClick EdU cell proliferation kits such as:
1. Imaging kit (BCK-IV-IM)
2. Flow cytometry kit (BCK-IV-FC)
3. High throughput screening – HTS kit (BCK-IV-HTS)
For more technical information on our EdU cell proliferation assay, please check our learn section.

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