Heparin Agarose HP Resin (10 ml)


10 ml

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Immobilized heparin is used to purify native or recombinant proteins eg. enzymes such as lipases, plasma coagulation proteins, lipoproteins, growth factors, nucleic acid binding proteins such as transcription factors, DNA & RNA polymerase, hormone receptors, serine proteases inhibitors and extracellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin, laminin and collagens etc.

Key Benefits include

Fast, reliable and high quality affinity purification. Purchased as loose resin or pre-packed in 1 ml or 5 ml HiFlIQ AKTA-compatible columns. Mean bead size of 35 µm gives High Performance High binding capacity for growth factors and nucleic acid binding proteins.


Specificity – Heparin Binding Proteins

Matrix – 6% cross-linked Agarose

HP Resin Binding capacity – 5 mg/ml

Bead size range – 20-50 μm (Mean 35 µm bead size; HP resin)

Maximum pressure – 72 psi

Stability / storage -pH 4-13  / pH 4-12