High Binding Capacity – 96 Well Strip Plates (Black)


100 plates

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The High Binding 96 Well Strip Plates are offered with 12 strips of 8 Wells assembled on 12 x 8 frame. Clear, white and black strips are manufactured in pure polystyrene with low fluorescence and can be used for ELISA, Luminescence and Fluorescence assays. White and black strips have minimal light scatter and prevent well-to-well crosstalk. These strips are designed to enter in the frame in one orientation, thus eliminating the possibility of misorientation; the radius edged inner bottom of the wells improves the efficiency of washing. The High Binding Capacity 96 Well Strip Plates comply with SBS standards and the design assures a good performance in automatic processing plant.

  • Recommended working volume of 75 to 300 μl
  • Packaging: 25 plates in a transparent bag



High binding surface on High Binding 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates is a hydrophilic surface suitable for passive adsorption of proteins with different grades of hydrophilicity. This surface is ideal for immunoassays with a binding capacity of 400 to 500 ng IgG/cm2.


  • ELISA Assay
  • Luminescence Assay (LIA)
  • Fluorescence Assay (FIA)
  • Chemiluminescent Assay (CLIA)
  • Others