Optima PRO-D Heparin 96 well Screen (2 plates)


2 plates

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The Protein Ark Optima PRO Screen is designed for high throughput protein purification in batch mode. For the first time, you can batch control up to 96 different clarified or unclarified samples with any purification resin, in parallel and with no mess, hands-free and no x-talk between wells. 

  • Instant swelling of resin in a 96 well plate format: Pre-packed with 50 µl Protein Ark’s dried resin formulation
  • One step filtration and purification: Purify secreted proteins from unclarified mammalian or insect cell culture loaded directly into the wells of the screen.
  • Clog-free: No need for pre-centrifugation or pre-filtration.
  • Drip-free: The proprietary SelfSeal Membrane ensures < 2.7% SD for well-to-well yield reproducibility across the entire plate.