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RT-PCR quantitative COVID-19 assay CE-IVD


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We are proud to announce the availability of quanty COVID-19 kit CE-IVD: “The Italian kit to fight the Italian outbreak!” The evaluation was performed in collaboration with Sacco Hospital University of Milan and University of Milan- Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health – Reference Laboratory for Respiratory Infections Surveillance. Quanty COVID-19 allows the detection and quantification of the COVID-19 genome using Multiplex PCR, according to the CDC indications.

This COVID-19 system is a quantitative test that allows the quantification, by means of Real Time PCR, of the N region (nucleocapsid phosphoprotein) of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Procedure allows the detection of the RNA target by means a retro-amplification reaction in a microplate. The analysis of the results is made using a Real Time PCR analyser instrument (thermal cycler integrated with a system for fluorescence detection).
For in-vitro diagnostic use only!