SepFast DUO S 400 KDa pre-packed column (5×1 mL)

5×1 mL

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SepFast DUO™ IEX is a range of unique shelled ion-exchange resins. The core chemistries of the SepFast DUO™ media are classic ion-exchangers (Q or S).

SepFast DUO™ can be used for purifying viral materials in flow-through mode, impurities smaller than a virus will be adsorbed to the charged groups inside the bead whilst intact virus passes through the column. It is a very gentle method with little loss of product. Because the interior core has a standard ion-exchange ligand impurities can be eluted and the beads easily regeneration making this approach useful for large scale multi-use columns.

SepFast DUO media:

  • Good for certain vaccine antigens, large proteins etc
  • The inert out shell has molecular cut-off of 5000 KDa, 700 KDa, 400 KDa and 150 KDa, respectively, to block viruses or antibodies
  • Strong ion-exchange ligand is immobilised inside to capture impurities
  • Q: strong anion-exchanger
  • S: strong cation-exchanger