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SpinStar Pathogen Kit


100 reactions


Simultaneous extraction of viral, bacterial & parasite nucleic acids

The SpinStar Pathogen Nucleic Acid Kit is intended for the purification of viral, bacterial and parasite DNA and RNA from samples such as: fresh or frozen human serum and plasma, respiratory specimens in VTM, and stool. The kit contains a Lysis-Enhancer and specific lysis buffers that allows an efficient nucleic acid extraction from difficult-to-lyse pathogens like Cryptosporidium spp.. It has been specifically developed as an upstream extraction kit for the following syndromic multiplex panel testing, which allows the detection of multiple types of pathogens in a single reaction. The kit utilizes proven silica membrane technology in a spin column format and the purified DNA and/or RNA is ready to use for downstream analysis, e.g. real-time PCR.
Specifically designed for difficult targets