SpinStar Pretreatment Solution


100 reactions


Ultrasensitive extraction of viral targets
The SpinStar Pretreatment Solution is used prior to the purification with the SpinStar Viral Nucleic Acid Kit because it allows to form complexes with viral nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) from 1ml of samples such as plasma or serum. These complexes can be sedimented by centrifugation to form a pellet, which is then resuspended in standard volume of lysis buffer before purification using the SpinStar Viral Nucleic Acid procedure. This provides an efficient and ultrasensitive viral nucleic acid extraction. Ultracentrifugation and specialized laboratory equipment are not required.
For use in combination with SpinStar Viral Nucleic Acid Kit.

Product Name: SpinStar Pretreatment Solution
Intended Use: This solution allows concentration of viral DNA and RNA from 1 ml plasma or serum, prior to purification with the SpinStar Viral Nucleic Acid Kit
Specimen types: Plasma or serum.
For research use only!

Materials Supplied:

  • 90 ml ready-to-use Pretreatment Solution

Storage: Ambient Temperature
Shipping Conditions: Ambient Temperature