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STAT-NAT Total DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

96 reactions


The STAT-NAT® Total DNA/RNA extraction kit provides reagents and magnetic beads for isolation of 96 samples. The procedure is based on the reversible adsorption of nucleic acids to paramagnetic beads under appropriate buffer conditions. Sample lysis is achieved by incubation with a Lysis Buffer NPL1 containing chaotropic ions supported by Proteinase K digestion. For binding of nucleic acids to the paramagnetic beads, Binding Buffer NPB2 and the Magnetic Beads are added to the lysate. After magnetic separation, the paramagnetic beads are washed to remove contaminants and salts using Wash Buffers NPW3, NPW4, and 80 % ethanol. Residual ethanol from previous wash steps is removed by air drying. Finally, highly pure pathogen RNA and DNA is eluted with low-salt elution buffer or water. Purified pathogen RNA and DNA can directly be used for downstream applications. The STAT-NAT® Total DNA/RNA extraction kit can be used either manually or automated on standard liquid handling instruments or automated magnetic