Super Nickel NTA Affinity Resin (25 ml)


25 ml

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The Gold Standard for His-tagged Protein Purification. Our Ni-NTA resin has excellent tolerance to reducing agents such as DTT or 2-ME. This resin is regarded as one of the best Ni- IMAC resins on the market for batch and column purification.

Nickel NTA Affinity Resin is designed for the affinity purification of proteins carrying a polyhistidine tag. This affinity chromatography matrix consists of 7.5% cross-linked agarose, which is very homogeneous in size, yielding a high degree of reproducibility between individual purification run.


  • Specificity – His-Tag
  • Matrix – 7.5% cross-linked Agarose
  • Binding capacity – 70 mg/ml
  • Bead size range – 32-60 μm
  • Maximum pressure – 72 psi
  • Stability / storage – pH 2-14