Recombinant Protein G (PG-R)

Product Name Recombinant Protein G (PG-R)
Protein Length Protein fragment
Source E.coli
Tested Applications IgG Purification

Protein G is an immunoglobulin-binding protein isolated from Group G Streptococci that displays a high binding affinity for the Fc region of human and mouse IgG. The fragment available here is a single subunit protein that displays maximal antibody binding at an optimal ligand density whilst reducing binding of non-specific proteins (e.g. albumin).

PG-R purified using Protein Ark Ni-NTA HiFliQ column, analysed via SERVA 4-20%, PG-R detected at 7 kDa

Comparison between Protein Ark Ni-NTA resin and a competitor’s Ni-NTA resin to purify Protein G. Protein G was purified from pET15B plasmids expressed in E.coli, strain BL21(DE3). The Ni-NTA resin sourced from Protein Ark yielded PG-R with greater purity than other resins.

Lane 1: SERVA prestained SDS-PAGE Protein Marker 6.5 – 200kDa
Lane 2: Load
Lane 3: Flow-through
Lane 4: Wash (PBS pH 7.5)
Lane 5: Purified PG-R (eluted with 250mM imidazole pH 7.5)

Purification of various IgG subclasses using PG-R, analysed via NuPAGE

Murine hybridoma supernatants containing IgG2a,2b,3 monoclonal antibodies were purified using PG-R.

Lane 1: Molecular weight marker (SeeBluePlus2)
Lane 2: Purified IgG

Product Code Description Price
1mg purified Recombinant Protein G (10mg/ml)
10mg purified Recombinant Protein G (10mg/ml)
100mg purified Recombinant Protein G (10mg/ml)
1g purified Recombinant Protein G (10mg/ml)
>1g – 1kg purified Recombinant Protein G (10mg/ml)
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