Super Loose resins

Protein Ark’s High Performance Super Resins include Ni-NTA, Co-NTA, Glu, Protein A, Protein G and Heparin chemistries. Heparin, Ni-NTA, Co-NTA and Glu chemistries are supplied as High Performance resins with a mean bead size of 35 μm. High selective binding capacity is the key benefit of Protein Ark’s Super resins.

Product codeProduct imageProduct namePack sizeDownloadsPriceBuy
SuperGlu25ASuperGlu Agarose Resin (25 ml)25 ml£411.00

SuperGlu10ASuperGlu Agarose Resin (10 ml)10 ml£224.00

SuperGlu100ASuperGlu Agarose Resin (100 ml)100 ml£1,227.00

Super-CoNTA100Super Cobalt NTA Affinity Resin (100 ml)100 ml£921.00

Super-CoNTA25Super Cobalt NTA Affinity Resin (25 ml)25 ml£307.00

Super-CoNTA10Super Cobalt NTA Affinity Resin (10 ml)10 ml£140.00

Super-NiNTA100Super Nickel NTA Affinity Resin (100 ml)100 ml£921.00

Super-NiNTA25Super Nickel NTA Affinity Resin (25 ml)25 ml£279.00

Super-NiNTA10Super Nickel NTA Affinity Resin (10 ml)10 ml£140.00

Super-HEP-250Heparin Agarose HP Resin (250 ml)250 ml£1,680.00

Super-HEP-100Heparin Agarose HP Resin (100 ml)100 ml£719.00

Super-HEP-25Heparin Agarose HP Resin (25 ml)25 ml£207.00

Super-HEP-10Heparin Agarose HP Resin (10 ml)10 ml£104.00

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