Virus Purification Resins

Recent advances are making gene therapy a viable new therapeutic approach. Mainstream chromatographic media developed for the purification of protein based biologics have proven severely limited when used for large viral vectors.

The ability to develop efficient, cost-effective and scalable purification processes for viral vectors requires a new generation of chromatography media. BioToolomics has committed a lot of resources to develop novel bead technologies for purifying viruses. The first phase chromatography products are listed below mainly used for flow-through removal of impurities. More products will be introduced in due time.


ViralPolish® chromatography media specifically for flow-through virus purification use; comprising dual layer agarose beads with an inert external shell with tightly controlled pore size and internal multi-functional ligands for rapid high capacity binding of impurities.

SepFast DUO™ Ion-Exchange

SepFast DUO™ IEX is a class of unique ion-exchange resins having size-exclusion inert shell and ion-exchanger core. This dual functionality could dramatically boost the selectivity and purification power based on molecular weights and electrostatic charges.

SepFast Supor Ion-Exchange

Novel chromatography media having a combination of very large pores (accessible by viruses) and small pores (accessible to proteins). It has high binding capacity to both viral particles and proteins almost independent of flow velocity.